About Us

What is Zlement?

Zlement is the complete database & review platform for all startup tools

So what is the problem?

In this digital day and age, sometime it take great skill and patience to find the information you need. The information you are looking for often times are buried under a sea of unrelated info. For example, if you need to find tools to build a "landing page", more than likely you do the following.

  • 1) Type in google "the best landing page tools" or something similar in nature
  • 2) A bunch of links show up
  • 3) Proceed to use your left pinky to hold down the Ctrl Key while using right index finger to click mouse, subsequently opening 5 different tabs
  • 4) Read all the info to eliminate unrelated content using the power of your eyes, and hopefully find the solutions you need
  • 5) Got really annoyed during the process

  • The Solutions!

    Here at Zlement we make finding technology solutions lightening fast. All you need to do is.

  • 1) Type the keyword you and looking for in the search bar
  • 2) All the related startup tools will show up. Along with other people rating and comment. So you can make decision easily.
  • 3) Celebrate!